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Perec 5 pieces View larger

Perec 4 pieces

New product

Ingredients: flour, salt, water

Each package contains 4 pieces with a diameter of about 35 cm.

If you store or online e-shop with traditional products and want to work, just contact us please click here and ask to send you wholesale list.

More details

3,90 €

3,90 € per 4 φύλλα

More info

We produce round leaves pan or pie in the pan and folded triangles leaves - "wipes" - for individual pies.

Production Method

For the preparation of the dough is opened in large circular sheets which are baked in Sats' one by one.

Perec foil sat's

The whole process is done in the space laboratory to avoid insects or other pollutants during the manufacturing process. In Sats' (arched sheet placed over a fire) bake leaves with fire from gas, not wood fire. First we want to avoid any ash that can be carried on the product by air, other various toxic substances arising from the combustion of wood.

The leaves produce no break very easily and do not soak too quickly thereby dissolve before he can fill. Many customers prefer to pie as do not dissolve in the bottom of the pan of liquid filling.

How to cook (there are instructions on the product label)

For the pie pan.

Wet a sheet Perec below the tap, let it soften and fill with stuffing that we want half fyllo.Diplonoume as in crepe. We put a large pan with a little oil or butter to warm up. Put into the Perec and bake and from 2 sides to get a nice golden color.

For traditional pie

Wet one sheet. Once softened put them in the pan after we have ladosei.Ana 3 cards put the stuffing of your choice. We can put three layers of filling. Let the pie for 10 minutes, cut it and coat it with oil or eggs. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 60 minutes. If we have large frying pan can do the same procedure and in the pan but with a filling layer.

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