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Trachanas sweet 500g View larger

Trachanas sweet 500g

New product

Ingredients: oatmeal, yogurt sheep

Cooking time: 20 minutes

We pack in transparent polypropylene packaging suitable for food but also in bulk quantities.
If you store or online e-shop with traditional products and want to work, just contact us please click here and ask to send you wholesale list.

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3,30 €

3,30 € per 500gr

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It is handmade, rubbed on a sieve, just as they did the old housewives in their homes.
Cooked very quickly and easily you can enjoy as a light dinner or as a tonic and nutritious breakfast. Moreover worship and children!
Food is wholesome, tasty and therapeutic. The frumenty soup is still used today as medicine during recovery of the body after colds.
It contains pure raw materials sourced from local producers and bring to your plate the freshness and flavor we choose for you to try for an even healthier pasta.
Not dry at high temperatures and rushed but slow drying process just like homemade frumenty. This protects all natural characteristics trachana and all nutritional values ​​of raw materials.
Recipe for chicken braised with trachana.

what we need:

1 small chicken, in small portions
1 cup frumenty
1-2 chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 onion, grated
salt, pepper, cinnamon, as desired
1 pot.krasiou red wine
One glass of wine oil.

how do we do it:

Wash and pat dry the chicken portions.
In medium saucepan, add the oil and sauté the grated onion and kotopoulo.Svinoume red wine.
Add the chopped tomatoes and tomato paste, salt, pepper, cinnamon and water until it covers the chicken.
Our Cover the pot and cook the chicken well and smooth.
When ready, remove the portions of chicken in pirex.
Pour the broth trachana who has stayed in our pot, stir to prevent sticking. After a boil, lower the heat and let even around 15 minutes to be ready and our soup.
The frumenty boils quickly so we will check in 10 minutes !!
We serve our food hot along with chicken, or separately if you prefer plain your soup.
Read more: Chicken braised with τραχανά

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