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Evreston 500g View larger

Evreston 370g

New product

Ingredients: flour, salt, water

We pack in transparent polypropylene packaging suitable for food but also in bulk quantities.

If you store or online e-shop with traditional products and want to work, just contact us please click here and ask to send you wholesale list.

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2,60 €

2,60 € per 370gr

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Method of preparation

To evreston prepared in our laboratory, is the authentic traditional Pontiac product. It is not the dough comes out of the machine and then baked and not made from semolina. For the preparation of the dough is opened in large circular sheets slightly baked in Sats'
knife cut into thin strips and placed in oven to dry completely.

Evreston severed hand

The whole process is done in the space laboratory to avoid insects or other pollutants during the manufacturing process. In Sats' bake leaves with fire from gas, not wood fire. First we want to avoid any ash that can be carried on the product by air, other various toxic substances arising from the combustion of wood.

How to cook (there are instructions on the product label)

Boil a little water in a deep pan. Add a little salt and then the evreston. We take care to soak all the pasta and burial for 1-2 minutes to soften. Pour melted butter or oil. We can serve them without oil, accompanying them with grated cheese or yogurt. Finally, many prefer or shoulder instead of croutons in salads.

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