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Couscous 500g total

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Ingredients: semolina, whole wheat flour, yogurt cream, salt.

Boiling time: 5-7 minutes

We pack in transparent polypropylene packaging suitable for food but also in bulk quantities.
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From flour 100% whole grain, reinforced and rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and trace elements - suitable for a healthy diet.
They can be consumed by people with diabetes as not causing sudden increase in blood sugar levels.
It contains pure raw materials sourced from local producers and bring to your plate the freshness and flavor we choose for you to try for an even healthier pasta.
Not dry at high temperatures and rushed but slow drying process just past the home-made pasta. This protects all the natural characteristics of pasta and all the nutritional value of the meal.
The fresh pasta passes through bronze molds that give the desired shape and rough texture. The rough texture helps to better keep pasta sauces and spices than ordinary pasta with smooth surface using teflon molds.
The production is done selectively and in very small quantities. The pasta we produce do not dissolve during cooking and boil much faster than standard pastas saving you time from cooking.
Produced in molds with different specifications from those of regular pasta. The screws produce are larger and have a larger opening than the corresponding helix fusilli to be more satiating and get more sauce per bite.
Recipe for a colorful salad with couscous.

what we need:

White cabbage

Red cabbage
1 medium carrot
Lettuce green
Lettuce red
50 g. couscous fine (unpasteurized)
Olive oil

how do we do it:

First boil the couscous according to package directions without adding oil or other fat.
Allow to cool couscous until you prepare the rest.
Cut the sprouts minutes, grate the carrot in thin part grater and cut lettuce and minutes.
Mix well all the ingredients in a bowl and add olive oil, salt, vinegar (I use balsamic, very fit!).

A few more secrets
The materials shall be calculated for 1-2 people so the couscous is not more than vegetables. Also, it would be the types of vegetables being in equal amounts. You can do whatever variant you feel! Bon appetit!

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