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Lazanaki wide Cut 500g

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Ingredients: semolina, water, salt.

Boiling time: 4 to 6 minutes.

We pack in transparent polypropylene packaging suitable for food but also in bulk quantities.
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1,80 € per 500gr

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Characteristics is excellent golden color as produced by fine pastry semolina and offers special tasty treat.
It contains pure raw materials sourced from local producers and bring to your plate the freshness and flavor we choose for you to try for an even healthier pasta.
Not dry at high temperatures and rushed but slow drying process just past the home-made pasta. This protects all the natural characteristics of pasta and all the nutritional value of the meal.
The fresh pasta passes through bronze molds that give the desired shape and rough texture. The rough texture helps to better keep pasta sauces and spices than ordinary pasta with smooth surface using teflon molds.
The production is done selectively and in very small quantities. The pasta we produce do not dissolve during cooking and boil much faster than standard pastas saving you time from cooking.
Produced in molds with different specifications from those of regular pasta.
Recipe for carbonara with lazanakia

What we need:

1 packet lazanakia
1 leek
1 box cream (to taste)
a little dill
1 cube beef

How do we do it:

In a pan fry the bacon, mushrooms, leek. After thoroughly wilted add the cream. Allow to boil for five minutes ..
Remove from heat.
In a saucepan put water with a little salt and when it boils add the linguini for 8-9 minutes.
Then strain and serve in a dish.
Sprinkle the sauce and sprinkle with some cheese.
A few more secrets
Once our cream thickens add the cube beef. This is the secret of taste.

Read more: Carbonara with ligkouinihttp: //

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