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What is the European Youth Card?

This is a discount card that provides significant benefits to five million young people across Europe!

This is an important tool for youth:

facilitate their daily lives by providing them with deals and discounts on many products and services.
It promotes mobility, offering them benefits in transport, accommodation and other travel services.
It provides information through the many communication channels available to its members - national and regional sites, magazines, newsletter, Discount lists, groups social media and more.
inform young people on the rights and obligations as consumers and recipients of services, and on how such exercise.
European Youth Card: strictly for young people!

-You Can acquire all young people aged 13 to 30 years

-Stoichizei 10 Euros

-Ischyei For one year and can be renewed each year until the age of 30.

You can submit application for European Youth Card here!


More information at tel 213 131 4411-14