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  • Perec 6 pieces
    Perec 5 pieces

    Ingredients: flour, salt, water Each package contains 5 pieces with a...

    2,60 €
  • Trachanas Lenten 500g
    Trachanas Lenten 500g

    Ingredients: semolina, flour, tomato, carrot, green pepper, florina...

    2,20 €
  • Noodles 500g
    Noodles 500g

    Ingredients: semolina, fresh eggs, fresh cow milk, salt Boiling time:...

    2,20 €
  • Siron 500g
    Siron 330g

    Ingredients: flour, salt, water We pack in transparent polypropylene...

    2,60 €
  • Bicolor Pasta Screws 500g
    Bicolor Pasta Screws 500g

    Ingredients: semolina, spinach, water, salt. Boiling time: 4-6 minutes...

    2,20 €
  • Evreston 500g
    Evreston 370g

    Ingredients: flour, salt, water We pack in transparent polypropylene...

    2,60 €
  • Trachanas sweet 500g
    Trachanas sweet 500g

    Ingredients: semolina flour, semolina, cream yogurt, salt Boiling time:...

    2,20 €
  • Lazanakia 500g
    Lazanakia 500g

    Ingredients: semolina, water, salt. Boiling time: 4 to 6 minutes. We...

    2,20 €
  • Trachanas tart 500g
    Trachanas tart 500g

    Ingredients: semolina flour, semolina, Cow yogurt, salt Boiling time:...

    2,20 €
  • Screws zeas 500g
    Screws Zea 500g

    Ingredients: Greek Zea einkorn organic agriculture, water, salt. Boiling...

    3,50 €

Our offers:

√ Free home delivery for the town of Veria, the amount regardless of their market; and free delivery in Thessaloniki for orders over 49 €.

√ a Gift your choice of pasta packaging for every 10 labels from pasta Emnoston you return to us.

√ Reuse one of your own pack and get 10% discount.

In Emnoston we are able and available in bulk quantities of pasta we produce. In an effort to raise awareness and to reduce plastic bags we use (and therefore the burden on the environment) provide discount - 10% reward to our customers who have their own packaging to receive their pasta. The only requirement to make contact before you come to the lab to confirm the availability of the quantity desired.

√ -10% discount to members of the European Youth Card. We believe that every student has the right to enjoy homemade pasta in whatever city they studied. With this premise we work with the European Youth Card and provide exquisite pasta and 10% discount on 5 million young people, card holders across Europe! More information at tel 213 131 4411-14