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  • Perec 6 pieces
    Perec 5 pieces

    Ingredients: flour, salt, water Each package contains 5 pieces with a...

    2,60 €
  • Trachanas Lenten 500g
    Trachanas Lenten 500g

    Ingredients: semolina, flour, tomato, carrot, green pepper, florina...

    2,20 €
  • Noodles 500g
    Noodles 500g

    Ingredients: semolina, fresh eggs, fresh cow milk, salt Boiling time:...

    2,20 €
  • Siron 500g
    Siron 330g

    Ingredients: flour, salt, water We pack in transparent polypropylene...

    2,60 €
  • Bicolor Pasta Screws 500g
    Bicolor Pasta Screws 500g

    Ingredients: semolina, spinach, water, salt. Boiling time: 4-6 minutes...

    2,20 €
  • Evreston 500g
    Evreston 370g

    Ingredients: flour, salt, water We pack in transparent polypropylene...

    2,60 €
  • Trachanas sweet 500g
    Trachanas sweet 500g

    Ingredients: semolina flour, semolina, cream yogurt, salt Boiling time:...

    2,20 €
  • Lazanakia 500g
    Lazanakia 500g

    Ingredients: semolina, water, salt. Boiling time: 4 to 6 minutes. We...

    2,20 €
  • Trachanas tart 500g
    Trachanas tart 500g

    Ingredients: semolina flour, semolina, Cow yogurt, salt Boiling time:...

    2,20 €
  • Screws zeas 500g
    Screws Zea 500g

    Ingredients: Greek Zea einkorn organic agriculture, water, salt. Boiling...

    3,50 €


Pasta Lab - Food Service Station

Emnoston in Pontian dialect means delicious. Sto 'Emnoston', our vision is to supply our delicious and quality products customers, consistently, respectfully and professionally.

Our laboratory is a small family business. Does not work with production lines or with host machines that prevent intervention in human hand. Instead the whole process from production to the packaging is done by hand and the supervision of the producer. Our production is so much to cover our store shelves and orders of our partners (pantopoleia). For every order pasta produced directly and so should be bought from our partners pasta with a production date less than one week.

In our workshop you can buy or create your own or our own materials any pasta recipe you like. We, having as basis the recipes of our grandmothers, and ally with the modern technology we produce noodles, frumenty, screws, lasagne, macaroni, pasta, couscous, semolina, whole-wheat flour or flour gluten free creations for all tastes. Also, we produce and authentic homemade products such Pontian Perec, siron and evreston cooked in traditional sats specially constructed for our lab.

Our values ​​are inextricably linked to the quality, integrity and sense of responsibility. In our pasta will not find preservatives, chemical colors or dehydrated raw materials (egg or milk powder).

At the same time, we ensure that, in any case, we are fulfilling our priorities, which are:

Taste and quality thanks to the pure preparation materials. We use as a base fine Greek semolina flour produced from the heart of durum wheat and gives excellent golden color and rare culinary treat.
When drying protect all natural characteristics of the pasta and keep all nutritional values ​​of flour thanks to the slow drying process that we follow (just like the homemade pasta) and not pushing the process with high temperatures.
We select and use matrices with different characteristics than standard pastas factor similar products. eg. our screws are longer and have a larger opening than the corresponding helix fusilli to be more satiating and get more sauce per bite.
The matrices used are copper that fresh paste goes through to get the shape you want and have a coarse texture. The rough texture helps to better keep pasta sauces and spices than ordinary pasta with smooth surface using teflon molds.
The pasta we produce are not dissolved and not muddy during cooking. They boil much faster than standard pastas saving you time from cooking.

Our philosophy stems from the saying of Hippocrates "Your food is your medicine and your medicine be your food" believing that our diet is a cornerstone for our health. We participate in something that is particularly important: working for the man himself, promoting the Greek tradition, the Greek production, but also quality of life.